Building Debian Packages


This page is supposed to help you building debian packages for the Open IMS Core. In the SVN distribution, the whole things is pre-configured and pre-provisioned with a set of minimal data that should be enough for a simple “Alice-calls-Bob” trial.

Prepare your environnement

In order to build Debian packages, you would have to prepare your environnement. On debian based distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.), just use the following command to install debian utilities :

	sudo apt-get install debhelper cdbs lintian build-essential fakeroot devscripts pbuilder dh-make debootstrap dpatch flex libxml2-dev libmysqlclient15-dev sun-java6-jdk ant docbook-to-man

Get Open IMS Core Sources

	mkdir openimscore
	svn checkout openimscore
	mkdir openimscore-fhoss
	svn checkout openimscore-fhoss

Copy the debian folder from pkg folder

Browse with a terminal to openimscore (or openimscore-fhoss) folder and use the following command to copy the debian folder

	cp -a pkg/debian ./debian

Update changelog file

Changelog file need to be updated in order to build up to date packages. The following command will update the changelog file in debian folder. Feel free to change svnversion to the SVN revision number and comment.

You can also change by hand the distribution into this file. In my example, I build package for Debian Lenny, but you can do it for Ubuntu Intrepid, Jaunty, etc. To change de distribution, you will have to browse to debian folder and change by hand the distribution in the changelog file.

	dch -v $(svnversion) "Comments ..."

Building packages

To build packages use the following command. This will build the deb files in the parent directory

	dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

Using packages

If you built the openimscore packages, you should find 5 packages :

  • openimscore_xxx.deb
  • openimscore-dnsconf_xxx.deb
  • openimscore-icscf_xxx.deb
  • openimscore-pcscf_xxx.deb
  • openimscore-scscf_xxx.deb

The main package is openimscore. Every package depends on this one except for openimscore-dnsconf

If you built the openimscore-fhoss packages, you should find 2 packages :

  • openimscore-fhoss_xxx.deb
  • openimscore-fhoss-doc_xxx.deb

While installing a package, some questions will be asked in order to configure your IMS.

Configuration files are located in /etc/openimscore folder.

Log files are located in /var/log/OpenIMSCore folder if you choose to use syslog.

Start scripts are located into /etc/init.d/ (System V). Each IMS component (CSCF or HSS) starts automatically with computer by default. You can restart, stop, etc., system with command like :

	sudo /etc/init.d/openimscore-pcscf start|stop|restart|kill|status

Launch scripts are located in /usr/sbin/ ( and

openimscore-dnsconf will install and configure bind for your IMS.