An Open Source IP Multimedia Subsystem for all

This page reflects what others have to state about the Open IMS Core. Feel free to write us what you are using the software for and why you think it is a good idea or even where you still think it has problems.

See some of the quotes that we received so far from users of the Open IMS Core:

  • bea_logo

    “The stage of maturity of the FOKUS Open IMS Core is impressive. Especially the service development based on the BEA WebLogic SIP Server shows the flexibility and extensibility of the software.”

    (Achim Deboeser, Vice President EMEA Central Region, BEA Systems GmbH)

  • colibria

    “Being an independent vendor in the IM and Presence space we were in need of an easy to use IMS core for developing and testing our Presence and Instant Messaging applications. The OpenIMS has proven of great value to us in our efforts and allowed us to discontinue the development activities on IMS simulators etc for this purpose. So far we have not found the Open IMS core stable enough to deploy in the labs to be left unattended for continuous operations, but so far we are using it as a part of each developers basic set-up. Our hope is that we can reach the goal of having the Open IMS as our underlying platform in the labs being used for designers as well as our QA staff. “

    (Arild Nilsen, Chief Architect at Colibria)

  • gemalto_logo

    “We very much enjoy to work with the FOKUS staff on the testing of IMS and NGN concepts related to smartcards and appreciate the availability of an open IMS test environment such as the Open IMS Playground. We especially favour the Open IMS Core project that allowed us to set up demonstrations very rapidly. Gemalto will continue the co-operation and partnership with Fraunhofer FOKUS in order to further support the development of our smart card secured applications in a fixed-mobile converged environment.”

    (Jean-Francois Rubon, Director of Innovation & Strategy at Gemalto)

  • ims_arcs_logo_long_web

    “TSSG has been working in close collaboration with the FOKUS Open IMS Core for 2 years, with a specific focus on winning the competitive funding for the IMS ARCS (IP Multimedia Advanced Research CLuster for Services) project. We especially like the flexibility, accessibility, and extensibility of the software infrastructure provided by FOKUS. This coupled with our joint expertise will pave the way for key future research in the NGN/IMS space”

    (Kevin Doolin, Competence Centre Manager of the Pervasive Communications Services group, Telecommunication Services and Systems Group (TSSG) at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), Ireland)

  • IOL_Logo

    “The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory has used the Open IMS Core as part of our growing IMS test bed. We have been able to use the Open IMS Core as a fully functioning component of our IMS networks, including the IMS Forum’s series, hosted at the UNH-IOL during June and October of 2007. We plan to continue using the Open IMS Core as part of our networks and look forward to seeing it grow into a mature project.
    The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory is a large scale, independent network testing laboratory. We work closely with the networking and telecommunications industries to host large equipment test beds, allowing us to offer high quality interoperability testing to our industry partners.”

    (Niels Widger, VoIP InterOperability Laboratory, University of New Hampshire)

  • logo-meditel-small

    “The INQA project, carried out on behalf of the moroccoan operator Méditel, aims at providing network QoS management features to the Open IMS Core platform, targetting a multiple access, multiple domain scenarios. The Open IMS platform will enable us to base our developments on solid ground in a standard-compliant environment, as well as allowing us full technical control and transparency thanks to its Open Source availability.”

    (Mostafa Bellafkih, coordinator of INQA at INPT, Morocco and Daniel Ranc, scientific coordinator of the INQA project at TELECOM ParisSud, France)

  • orange_small

    “The Open IMS Core is used by several Orange Labs teams and we are very satisfied with the quality of this software that has enabled us to develop and test several authentication scenarios based upon the GBA (Generic Bootstrapping Architecture) both for the EU project SPICE and for our internal projects.”

    (Jean-Pierre Le Rouzic, R&D Engineer at Orange Labs, France)

  • pti-small

    “PT Inovação’s work on an IMS Service Delivery Framework – SHIPNET (Service Handling on IP NETworks) has largely benefited from the decision to embrace the Open IMS Core project as a natural evolution of our work on IMS CSCFs using SIP Express Router. The Open IMS Core CSCFs are enabling us to quickly build and integrate a whole NGN/IMS network, and its architecture based on SER is able to deliver carrier-grade performance with great flexibility.
    Our involvement goes beyond testing and bug corrections. We have been key contributers in areas such as database persistency and offline charging support, and continue to push this work towards a fully-fledged reference CSCF solution for testing and demos.”

    (João Filipe Plácido, Senior Solution Architect at PT Inovação)

  • T-Slovak_Telekom_small

    “For us the main advantages of the Open IMS Core are the availability of the source code and also the possibility to be used as open source software for research and development activities for free. This gives us a great flexibility to extend or modify more easily IMS core elements by configuration or additional features.
    The fact that a world-wide community is available which is continuously working on improving features of the components and follows the IMS standards development has also strong impact to use it now and also in future in our laboratory for IMS testbeds.”

    (Eugen Mikoczy, Senior Designer responsible for the design and architecture of the NGN application and service layer of Slovak Telekom)

  • stu_logo

    “We have build our NGN laboratory (setup from 2002) from the beginning based on NGN concepts and tried to use available open source software for the applications and services control layer of a NGN (which can be provided independently from the underlying access technology).
    After FOKUS published the Open IMS Core sources we were gladly including it to our NGN testbed. We are very much impressed by the flexibility of the Open IMS Core which allowed us to use it in several national and international research projects related to NGN/IMS topics, especially for the connection of various testbed environments. In addition to that we were able to issue several bachelor and master projects with emphasis on IMS around this software. We are looking forward to getting even more value out of this software project in the coming year.”

    (Prof. Pavol Podhradsky, Founder & Supervisor of the NGN laboratory at the Slovak University of Technology (STUBA) – Department of Telecommunications )

An Open Source IP Multimedia Subsystem for All