You can meet up with us to discuss on IMS/NGN topics and OpenIMSCore development plans

  • 15th Nov. 2007 – at the 3rd IMS Workshop, Berlin, Germany in the
    14 – 18h (Afternoon session) – Open IMS Core – Applications of the software in the industry & academia and what to target next

      You can apply for a chance to present in up to 20 minutes and (if possible) even demonstrate what your company has used the Open IMS Core for. The current outline for the workshop is:

    • OSIMS user experiences
      • Use of OSIMS in education
        F. Edler, University of Applied Sciences in Vienna
      • OSIMS as an authentication framework for testing security with ISIM cards
        J. Fine, Gemalto
      • FOKUS OSIMS – Extension and Applications
        W. Weigend, BEA, EMEA Telco Solutions Team
      • A Terminal-Centric IMS Location Enabler based on OSIMS and BEA
        J. Fabini, Institute of Broadband Communications, TU Vienna
      • OSIMS use for IMS interoperability tests
        A. Kurokawa, NTT Service Integration Laboratories
      • Developing an E2E Service Handling Architecture using OSIMS
        J. F. Plácido, Portugal Telecom Inovação
    • Joint Open IMS Core Roadmap discussion
      Beyond the features that we list here there may be more support for concepts or specs that you can envision the Open IMS Core to support. We are open for your input and ready to discuss, so feel free to comment and to add some points that you want to be discussed (like e.g. better provisioing support) …

Of course, you can influence the topics to be discussed on this and on upcoming meetings by writing to or by simply posting comments to this page.

Open IMS Core Workshop at the 3rd Fraunhofer FOKUS IMS Workshop